Saturday, May 09, 2009

May 9

May 9
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You may think I have already lost momentum. But I tell you, it is not so.

My digital camera has been 'borrowed' for a length of time, leaving me with out the ability to be really spontaneous in my postings, but I think that my film work can be just as telling, even if it's more planned.

I took this last month, while in Arcadia. It was processed this week, and I just scanned and edited it today.

When I took this picture, I was just beginning to feel like myself again. Like I was the beautiful person I remembered being, back before I started grad school. Like the dawn over this field of Irises, I felt like I was at the beginning of something wonderful, and full of promise. This specific day was so lovely, I remember, and tinged with a kind of calm, hope laden ecstasy.

And then I came back to LA and life happened and I forgot and the things that seemed so full of promise seemed so complicated.

This image reminds me of all the gold and emerald green that is both inside of me and outside of me. It reminds me to keep these moments in my heart, or moments like it - sunlight and beauty and the sound of my love's voice. These things are the major destinations.

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To Mock a Killifish said...

Okay, okay, I'll give your camera back to you! ; )