Friday, February 27, 2009

Spartan gals.

I love ridiculous quizes and surveys that you get on social networking sites. A friend sent me this one, called "How Girly Are You?" It seemed a little weighted, so I decided to 'test the test' by answering as a Spartan warrior would.... I have a lot of time on my hands.

Each x that you put is one percent
Have fun!! Erase x's from other person when you are filling it out

[] My fingernails/toenails are almost always painted
[x] During the summer practically the only shoes i wear are flip flops <--- Do gladiator sandals count?
[] My favorite toys as a child were Barbies, Bratz, etc
[] My favorite color is purple
[x] I did Gymnastics<--- Spartans did
[x] I love skirts <---- What non Athenian Ancient Greek doesn't?
[] Hollister and/or American Eagle are one of my favorite places to shop
[] Tight jeans are the only jeans i will wear
[] I own something from Victoria's Secret
[] I did ballet as a little girl

Total: 3

[] I own a purse from Coach or Prada
[] I love to hang out at the mall with friends
[] I have more than 10 pairs of shoes
[] I love reality shows
[] My hair is almost always straightened
[] Bobby pins are my best friend
[] I wear a shower cap (editor's note: who the eff wears a SHOWER cap besides my gramma?)


[] I don't shop at Hot Topic <--- Nor do Spartans!
[] My cell phone or ipod is important to me (A cell phone is important to doctors and emergency workers. Girly men!)
[] I wear mascara alot
[x] I don't know the difference between a sheep and a goat <--- Did the Spartans? History will never know.


[] Big sunglasses are prettyfull (prettyfull????)
[] I have gotten my nails done before
[] I own over 10 purses
[] MTV is one of my favorite channels


[x] All I want to do at sleepovers is talk about boys <---- I think that this is a safe bet. Look it up if you don't believe me.
[] I love people doing my hair
[x] I give and receive hugs from all my friends <----- Manhugs. Again, look it up.
[x] I hate bugs, especially cockaroaches <---- Spartans hate everything that isn't Spartan
[x] Summer is THE BOMB! <-- Duh. Summer is good for battles, invasions, and pillaging.
[x] I go shopping a lot/kinda <----- If by which you mean invading and pillaging.


[] When I pick out shampoo and conditioner strictly based on smell
[] I don't like sports that make you sweat
[x] I squeal when i am surprised or angry <--- Does "Aaaargh!" count? Or "For Spartaaaaaa!"?)
[x] I eat fruit as a snack (is anyone but me totally confused as why fruit eating is "girly"?)


[] I dance a lot
[] I only have 5 billion hair products
[x] I love to get dressed up <----- For battle!
[x] I apply lip stuff 50 times a day <---- To my enemy's lips. With my fist.


[] I wanted a bra way before i ever needed one
[] I love music <--- Music is for women and babies, as is candy.
[x] You gotta love rainbows <--- I mean, really, who doesn't? Plus, it's a good omen for battle.
[] I'd rather not pay attention in school (Who ever wrote this quiz is getting a beating after this.)
[x] Kittens are usually adorable <----- Well, duh.


[x] I write my own poems<---- Battle hymns and war chants.
[] I'd love to visit Hawaii (again, I am confused about the girlyness of Hawaii.)
[] Valentine's day is cute
[x] I would not be caught in all black <--- It's true. Spartans would rather be nekkid and oiled up.
[] My closet/dresser is STOCK FULL of clothes
[] I like to read magazines (Wtf????)


[] I had Lisa Frank folders/posters/notebooks as a kid
[] I've listened to Celine Dion
[x] I have or still do plan ahead for my wedding <--- Where I will kidnap my bride, shave her, dress her like a man and then rape her. So much to plan!
[x] My friends and I are in a strict group <--- Boyhowdy! Look up the peculiar boy/man relationships of Spartan warriors.
[x] I like little kids<--- Little kids grow up to be big Spartans. Unless we leave them out for the wolves.
[] Soda rules
[] I am or at one point was a vegetarian
[] I love chocolate! <---- Candy is for women and Athenians!


[] Check my myspace/email everyday
[x] I have a lot of jewelry<--- mostly of the "bones of my fallen enemies made into necklaces" variety.
[] I have to shop
[x] I show my legs almost every day!<--- We've all seen 300.
[x] I have more than 3 pillows on my bed<--- Are rocks pillows? Or lithe young men?


[x] You love friends <---- Yes. Yes I do. A LOT.
[x] You dont understand most stuff (Wtf does this mean? I am a girl! I understand MOST stuff!!!)<--- But as a Spartan, I do not understand how to set the time on my vcr.
[] You love gum
[] Your lost with out a purse
[] You giggle a LOT
[x] Smiling is a part of you<----- but only when I'm killin'.

SO FAR: 26

[x] Small dogs rock<--- They are easier to kill than large dogs.
[] Ewww is used daily
[x] Your scared to go in hot topic<--- Yes, frankly.
[x] You wont let your mom shop for you <---- I was taken from my mother at a very young age and made into a warrior. We just don't have the same tastes any more.
[] You basically only like whats on the radio


[] You own at LEAST 5 things from hollister
[x] Love attention<--- Mostly from older men, though.
[] Love stuffed animals
[] Most things smart people say confuse you (Spartan antics aside, this really irritates me.)
[x] You would die with out a computer/ipod/camera/phone/Spear/Shield<-- Too true.


multiply it by 2

Apparently, your average Ancient Spartan Warrior was 62% girly. Who knew?

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Yes, really. This week only, through Sunday Feb. 28, I'm offering FREE SHIPPING on any purchases made in my Etsy shop. Sorry, only good on purchases being shipped with in the U.S.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Mariann Marcum has entered the building.

Photographer, installation artist and best friend, Mariann Marcum took time out of her hectic post grad schedule to talk to me about being an artist and, you know, stuff.

LM: Talk to me about what inspires you.

MM: I like to think the main compulsion of artists is in that "je ne sais pas". That being said, I try to hone in on field research for some brain-stimulation (as a component of "being inspired"). Maybe it's more like brain-poking. I don't know. Anyhow, this might look like anything from reading a novel or academic paper, to looking at other artists' work. It's good to look to established artists and see a sustained, healthy practice that they are still passionate about. As an emerging (maybe even pre-emerging? : P) artist, I need to seek good art to remind me that it's more than worthwhile, and that it might take a bit for my own work to hit a stride.

LM: Your own work is based primarily in photography, although you are handy with the installation, with paper and book arts - so many things, really. What is it about photography that makes it your main tool?

MM: I am a very science-minded individual, and I love efficiency. Whenever I used to think about the time and tedium of painting and drawing the kinds of pictures I wanted to make, I would cringe. Photography seemed to provide a comfortable solution. It was definitely a naive choice, and it must have been some slick spiritual guidance (and God chuckling at me) when I chose the photography route. After I learned about the history, theory, and dialogue of photography in art, I claimed it for totally different reasons. Now, I especially love photography for it's connective power between the "real" world and our own, hidden psychologies. Oh--and by the way--photography (the way I use it) is every bit as tedious as painting or drawing. Just in a different way.

LM: What do you find challenging about photography?

MM: That it is such a prevalent, super-saturated form!! Wow. I'd like to know how many cameras exist out there. I mean, how does one think about going out and adding more, new documents into the world? When I think about that, it's generally when I'm using a big camera and consciously making art. When I don't think about that, I'm usually just using my point-and-shoot, pushing a button. I definitely do both, and at the end of the day, I have to reconcile that.

LM: I've been really interested in 'dreams' lately - not the nocturnal kind, but the sort of half fantasy goals we set for ourselves. So tell me about your dreams. Where do you want to be in five years?

MM: I'd like to be living near enough to a bigger city so that I could make regular visits, but far enough away that I see mostly nature out any given window. (Preferably, with a good amount of friends and family near by.) I'd like to be part of a close-knit community, have my own garden, and a big, quiet studio with lots of natural light. It would be a dream to have a split work-life of half art making, half service. Maybe in hospitality... or teaching... or, ? I don't know. I use the term 'service' broadly. I just love talking to and helping people, even if in a small, mundane way.

LM: Words and text are really integral to your work. Why don't you wrap us up here by telling us your favorite word?

MM: Wow. Another "wow" for this interview. Good job there. : ) I love language. I love that there are so many words. Some words have a multitude of meanings, some words were meant to just have one. It's pretty amazing, and I love foraging through them all, and trying to absorb each one into my little brain. There's no way on earth I could choose a favorite!

To see more of Mariann Marcum's work, check her out here:

Monday, February 16, 2009

I've been podcast! Podcasted? Whatever.

However you spell it, it's true! Some CSUN students, led by Sue Hwang (a talented photographer herself) made a lovely video with an interview and coverage of my thesis show. I'm super honored that they picked me for the project, and I hope you will all have a listen. To find this little gem of video awesomeness: Go to your itunes store, podcast section, and search for CSUN Student Life. Then, look for the ART: Photography episode. I know that there is a much easier way to get this, heck, I could even link to it, I'm sure. However, I am pretty much a caveman at this sort of thing, so... you know, just do it the hard way, k?

Oh, and the point in the vid where I start giggling uncontrollably... That's the point where this squirrel started getting really aggressive with me. Really. I thought he was going to attack me! Why my only reaction is to giggle...? I have no answer for that one.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Selling out. I hope.

As you may have noticed, I have a fancy Etsy widget on my blog now. That is because, dear reader, I now have an ETSY.

Yep, there is now an outlet where you can purchase my prints, cards, books and other crafts. For a while I will also be listing some of my collection of vintage glassware, in an effort to make a smaller footprint in my life.

I do feel a bit strange about selling on Etsy - this is not the direction that I imagined my life as a serious artist going. I mean, where are the galleries and the $1000 a print prices?? I am in love, however, with the idea that I can reach a larger audience, and that my images can bring beauty, intrigue and pleasure to the lives of the masses. And making other stuff has been fun - I have some photo greeting cards made and am working on all kinds of other neat items - I forgot how much I love being crafty;) Plus, the "views" feature - a little tally that lets me know how many times an item has been viewed - gives me the ability to totally obsess over peoples tastes for art. So go, view, feed my obsession for the day.