Sunday, June 28, 2009

My to do list

1. Finish my thesis for my masters belt (physical test was passed, now I have to write a ten page paper on the importance of Kienando as a system of self defence for women. Yay.) Done!
2. Finish choreographing the long staff self defence mock battle with Nhan. (More bruises: Please sir, can I have another?)
3. Find job. (Should this be number 1? Most likely.)
4. Empty kitchen so I can fog for cockroaches. Yucky. donedoneDONE!
5. Take pictures of some stuff so I can feel like I'm still a photographer.
6. Fix hot water heater.
7. Learn to drive.
8. Write letter to the city to say that even though I am paid by 1099, I DO NOT require a business license - I'm a babysitter! So get off my back.
9. Find a home for a cat. Anybody want a cat?
10. Find something to do for July 4th.... Done!

1 comment:

To Mock a Killifish said...

Glad you finished your thesis; Now let's get on that hot water heater!! ; )