Friday, April 05, 2013

Many Happy Returns

This is the point where I sidle up to you in the bar, or sit down next to you in the restaurant, and try to pretend that I've been there the whole time. Like I haven't been missing for three years, leaving this blog to sit idly, and leaving my friends in the lurch.

Well, let me try to explain.

There I was, two years after finishing Grad school, no real job on the horizon, mortgages going unpaid.... depression looming. I felt like a failure. My blog posts got fewer and farther in between, and I ran out of things to say, or possibly the ability to sound nonchalant about it all. I felt like my world was slowly being ground down to nothing. After I stopped writing, I entered a pretty dark period....

And then, with a flash, everything changed. I was juggling three part time jobs, I met my soul mate (no, really) in a very unexpected place, we got married, we worked together to get the mortgages paid (also, thanks mom for the sizable loan) and then, finally, we had a baby.  Yeah, you heard that right!

I had a baby! I tiny human. I point to him all the time and tell people "I made that!" Not even kidding. I can't hardly put the thing down - he's sooo cute! Even when he cries, and his tongue does this little vibration thing, just like in cartoons, oh my god I just want to kiss his little face forever!!!

Sorry. Mom moment. So. Anyway, I'm back. Or I'm trying to be. I still have a lot of things going on.  I've quit my real jobs to raise my son, but I still teach Kung Fu 5 days a week, plus Falcon and Finch, my shop on etsy. Plus being an outstanding wife and mother, if I do say so myself.

Also, let me just say, "I'm sorry, friend, for leaving you for so long."

Wanna see a pic of my super adorbs baby??? Heeeeeelllllll yeah!

I made this!!

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Andrew K said...

Blimey, it has been a while - nice to see you back though :)