Monday, February 16, 2009

I've been podcast! Podcasted? Whatever.

However you spell it, it's true! Some CSUN students, led by Sue Hwang (a talented photographer herself) made a lovely video with an interview and coverage of my thesis show. I'm super honored that they picked me for the project, and I hope you will all have a listen. To find this little gem of video awesomeness: Go to your itunes store, podcast section, and search for CSUN Student Life. Then, look for the ART: Photography episode. I know that there is a much easier way to get this, heck, I could even link to it, I'm sure. However, I am pretty much a caveman at this sort of thing, so... you know, just do it the hard way, k?

Oh, and the point in the vid where I start giggling uncontrollably... That's the point where this squirrel started getting really aggressive with me. Really. I thought he was going to attack me! Why my only reaction is to giggle...? I have no answer for that one.

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mariann said...

ohhh imma gonna listen now. how cool!!