Sunday, February 15, 2009

Selling out. I hope.

As you may have noticed, I have a fancy Etsy widget on my blog now. That is because, dear reader, I now have an ETSY.

Yep, there is now an outlet where you can purchase my prints, cards, books and other crafts. For a while I will also be listing some of my collection of vintage glassware, in an effort to make a smaller footprint in my life.

I do feel a bit strange about selling on Etsy - this is not the direction that I imagined my life as a serious artist going. I mean, where are the galleries and the $1000 a print prices?? I am in love, however, with the idea that I can reach a larger audience, and that my images can bring beauty, intrigue and pleasure to the lives of the masses. And making other stuff has been fun - I have some photo greeting cards made and am working on all kinds of other neat items - I forgot how much I love being crafty;) Plus, the "views" feature - a little tally that lets me know how many times an item has been viewed - gives me the ability to totally obsess over peoples tastes for art. So go, view, feed my obsession for the day.

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jessica, a miniature rhino said...

oh you you shouldn't think of esty as just "crafty", or that your art is somehow diminished by being on etsy. people make amazing, inventive, beautiful art and objects here. and more than ever i've felt invited into this sphere making and makers. the people are so excited by what they make and wanting to share it. i find makers who blow my mind with their creativity and kindness on the daily. welcome to your new obsession...