Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Unexpected Frost

last night took out 6 of the tomatoes and the cucumbers I had planted and mom's squash, plus all of the toms and some peppers I hadn't planted yet. Time will tell if anything will recover, but most look like gonners.

Good news, though. I spotted a tiny little frog with just a wee bit of a tail left in the rain bucket in the orchid house. I know, this brings joy to no one but me, yet that joy is spiritual and profound. So, whatever.

And that raps up spring for you. Back to you, Bob.


To Mock a Killifish said...

Well, did anything recover? Inquiring minds ned to know!

Lynelle said...

Had to replant all but three of the toms, but the peppers all made it through. Squash and cukes are gone.

mariann said...

your blogs are so charming. like a glimmy on the vast sea of the internets.