Thursday, April 02, 2009

You should have seen the sky tonight.

We are expecting a little rain sometime tomorrow am, the news of which is sending grandma to the heights of paranoia - we had to bring the dogs in and lock up the house early tonight. Beware, the sky is falling!!

Speaking of which. Imagine the sky like a dusky bowl over you. To the East are gray, threatening, thick clouds, tinged in a narrow line near the horizon with toasty orange as the sun sets on the other side of the valley. Over head - more gray, with flashes of dark blue and fluffy white as the clouds break up dramatically. And west, the most luminous golden light as the sunset breaks through the clouds and trees to fall, like honeyed fog, on the irises and lilacs at the edge of the yard. It was like dessert.

That's what you missed.


To Mock a Killifish said...

Hope grandma's ok! Here in Chicago we just had lots of cold, ugly rain...

Lynelle said...

Lol, the rain never showed it's head - by morning the sky was as clear as a bell. So grandma had to come up with something else to be worked up over. Now it's that she doesn't trust the CFL's that mom replaced all the old incandescent bulbs with - she's sure they are going to start a fire, so she wants me to change them out before mom gets back;)

Sorry your rain is cold and ugly! Sending you warm thoughts from the farm!