Thursday, August 06, 2009

Love Letters? I do. Don't you?

Don't you love handwritten letters? To send or to receive, in the age of email and text messaging, a hand writ missive is an old fashioned pleasure. Before grad school, when I had a lot more time and money to spend, I used to send letters to everyone - my parents, friends, lovers, even a few pen pals I had picked up from the bbs world (yes, I am an uber nerd, thanks for asking.) I had a huge stockpile of fancy and funny papers, envelopes, strange stickers and exotic stamps.... What happened to all that stuff? It's in a box somewhere, or maybe I used some of it to write to do lists, and the rest got tossed in various moves.... The point is, it's all gone, and I wouldn't have even missed it, if I hadn't found

Papermash is Lynne Robinson's new stationary e store, chock full of the sweetest, most lovely, bits and pieces for all of your letter writing, parcel sending, hostess gift giving needs. Some of my faves:

Mini Metallic Woodcut cards
There are a slew of these witty little wine tags:

Paris Polaroid Style Notecards

If you aren't familiar with Lynne, she writes one of my very favorite blogs,, which is her exploration of tea, interior design, and the joy of simple pleasures.


daria said...

oh what a lovely link! i too, enjoy handwritten letters in this age of tecnology.

its been a while since ive sent some out, nearly a year, though its on my to-do list for this weekend.. to compile two letters and two care packages.. just because :) thanks for the reminder !

To Mock a Killifish said...

I sent you a thank you note for writing this post, but it got lost in the mail... ; )