Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I would like to direct your attention today to my friend LemonJitters who has kindly featured me in her tidy tuesday post! She is expounding on the delights of vintage glass as a way of organizing your liquids. I realize, upon rereading that sentence back, that I sound like an alien robot. So let me clarify: She is expounding on vintage glass as a way of organizing your liquids, Earth human. Anywho, LJ features my shop, Falcon and Finch, which, as you know, has an awful lot of vintage glass and china ware. This is because I am obsessed. Really. I stared selling vintage on Etsy almost strictly as a way to feed my obsession - my collection is constantly evolving, and I needed to make room!!

So I thought, as a sort of companion piece to LJ's post, I'd post a few pictures of some of my favorites!

Moon and Stars Sherbets in Ruby

This pattern, in this color, in this shape, is quite rare, and utterly to die for. These were the first things I sold at F&F. Pablo Neruda had a set, so you know they are classic.

I don't know who manufactured these swanky swigs - the silvery finish isn't unique to one maker, but on these old fashions it's in almost perfect condition. A rarity!

By the way, cocktail glasses are usually named after the drinks they were meant to hold. These are 'old fashion' glasses because in the hey day of cocktail inventing, they would have held an 'old fashion.' Now you learned something. I love how masculine these are, and soooo sexy. Yes, sexy.

Finally, I wanted to include a picture I took yesterday of a very small part of my collection. This shelf stands next to my project table and holds a rotating collection of bar ware, glass, and china. These objects often inspire my still life photographs or end up as props in various shoots.

Many of the pieces in this picture will end up at Falcon and Finch, except the peach colored Fire King carnival glasses in the center. Those were one of my first purchases, years ago, and they still fill my heart with a simple joy. The color is so sweet, and always reminds me of summer evenings.

Enjoy your beverages!


Lemon Jitters said...

I can't believe I missed those red glasses! Those are beautiful!!

Allan said...

You've turned me on to vintage glass and I'm a straight male! Your collection is adorable.

littledeadmommy said...

Thank you Lynelle. I'm lucky and gateful to have plenty of shoulders to cry on... i sure do need them. I really appreciate your kind words.