Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veteran's Day

I haven't been blogging per my usual self, I know - I'm in survival mode, with nearly all of my waking energies focused on keeping my house. However, I wanted to spend a few moments remembering and honoring veterans, especially my Grandpa Charles Waterbury. That's him, in the picture, shortly after WWII. Grandma always says he looked a little like Cary Grant.

He wasn't perfect, but as Grandma also says, "He said he would take care of me, and he did." The war left a permanent mark on him, I think, and I'll always honor him for the service he did for our country.

I also pay my respects in this blog to my stepdad, Dale, who is an Iraq War vet and a very good man.

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2MaK said...

Hang in there, Lynelle; Things will get better!!!