Thursday, January 07, 2010

Lynelle: The Interview

My dirty little secret. Or one of them, anyway. I get fashion magazines. I don't read them. I mostly rip out the photos that inspire me for whatever reason - techniques, colors, mise en scene, make up or fashion choices, whatever. It's true. Ask anyone who has had to live with me and my tidal wave of unorganized, disembodied magazine photo shoot pics. Those things are slippery in the dark on cheap pergo flooring, did you know that?

Anyways. I don't read them. Except for those cheezy little celebrity interviews. Not the in depth ones with accompanying photos of the celebrity in their humble abodes, or playing with their purebred whatever terriers, or posing nonchalantly in front of the collection of awards show statuettes. No, the little one pagers, where a series of questions are listed and a series of short answers given. They almost always include one question about cosmetics. I love those interviews. I guess because it seems so sort of whimsical and ridiculous, to try to fit anything pithy in that one page. Also, I think they have a sort of ritualistic feel, like call and response songs. I can't really explain it, yet, but I'm working on it. I was reading one today and I was thinking, "They really only work if you are a celebrity; I mean who cares what's in my purse, right??" But then I realized, who cares what's in my purse? Why YOU do, of course! So here it is, what you've been waiting for -

On My Mind, with Lynelle Miliate

Who are you itching to work with? Anyone who will pay me to do something. Really.
Beauty Essentials? Well, since I haven't had hot water in 6 months and can only sneak in showers at people's houses about once a week right now.... Shampoo and conditioner in one. It saves time when you are washing in your hair in icy tap water. Also, any body lotion with a really strong scent. I'm using a variety of Bath and Body Works ones in dessert flavors right now. Moisturizer with sunblock, because I take care of my skin.

Recent Splurge? I don't splurge. At least not on things that cost money. But I do try to enjoy little things more. This morning I ate breakfast at the kitchen sink, which sounds lame, except the light in there is really beautiful at dawn, so I ate in silence and enjoyed the moment.

Fashion Faves? I like t-shirts with nerdy sayings that no one really gets, except other nerds. Like "Si, se habla Old Norse." I'd like more. I want one that references thac0, and maybe one in 1337. And also, booty shorts.

Necessary extravagance? Food that's not ramen, which is what I would live on, but I'm totally afraid of getting scurvy. So I break it up with fruits and veggies when the budget will allow. I'm a fan of the Fresh N' Easy clearance food aisle.

Happy I bought? Those caramels - don't you read my blog? Sheesh!

Favorite work out? Kung Fu, from 2 to 5 times a week. I'm working on getting long staves of wood broken on my arms and legs. It's one of the many iron body kungs.

Jonesing for? The Unagi at Musashis, it's been over 6 months since I've tasted it. And cream puffs. Good ones, from a French or Russian bakery. Really fresh, ripe fruit.

Hooked on? Dollhouse, but those mother effers over at FOX are cancelling it, like the cancel ANY and EVERY show I develop any sort of connection with. And, by the way, ever notice how the really awesome shows that get cancelled always have really empowered women? This happens to me every season and I'm about to really lose my interest in TV. Bastards.

Driving? Nope.

In my bag? Ha, you were waiting for it, weren't you???
Here it is, the short list:
A journal.
a date book.
6 pens, 2 of which are sharpies and 2 of which are archival safe. The other two are neon jellies.
the little vintage metal card holder that keeps my credit cards safe.
7 dollars in singles, held together with a paper clip.
lotion that smells like hot chocolate.
3 different lip glosses, all in an almost identical shade of pink? Why? I can't explain it, I'm pretty sure I buy other colors but they all turn into pink in my bag.
2 tampons, because it's better to be safe than sorry.
Moisturizer with sunblock, because I take care of my skin.

Now you have a very personal and profound look into my inner workings. I don't share this info with everyone, just the 9 of you who actively read my blog.
Namaste, or whatever.


Anonymous said...

LOL Loved the interview! And thank you for the reminder - I need to put some tampons (or plug-ins as we call them) in my purse. =)

Rue said...

Great interview! I love these in magazines too! I always love to hear what people have in their purse/bag! So revealing!

jessica, a miniature rhino said...

for sure on the dollhouse thing, but last episode i was doing other work and kinda watching and it got all kinds of confusing. i loove that you do kung fu. when did you start? i'd love to try it!

Lemon Jitters said...

Great! A very enjoyable read, indeed.

2MaK said...

Nice. Angelina and Jennifer ain't got NUTHIN' on you...

PoleStar Jewelry - Handcrafted said...

If we didn't live on opposite coasts, you would be welcome to shower at my house! When does it start warming up there anyway?