Sunday, January 03, 2010

My seal of approval: Have It Confections

As I'm sure you've guessed, I don't buy stuff. Not that I don't want to, I just ain't got no money, honey! I mean, I have a wish list a mile long, but I don't indulge. So everyone on my Christmas list this year got things I baked myself: Grandma Mary's haystacks, cranberry brownies and even some fancy vinegars that I put up with herbs from my garden.

I did, however, make one small purchase this Christmas, and it was sooooo tasty that it has my everlasting seal of approval. See, I don't make caramels. I tried, once, and it was such a huge sad mess that I swore it off forever. So when I wanted to get some for a family member who doesn't like chocolate, I went to Have It Confections. What hooked me were the photos. I know (for a fact) that good product photography comes cheap these days, so I shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, but what can I say? When the photos made me salivate, I knew they were the right ones!

I got an order of the uncut Fleur de Sel Caramels. Why uncut? I told myself it was because the lack of individual wrappers was better for the environment. The truth? Because I knew we were just going to pass them around, taking big bites. Was I wrong? Nope. Individual wrappers just get in the way. And soooo tasty! Rich, sweet, and the sea salt (that's what fleur de sel is, for my cro magnon friends) makes such a bright counterpoint, it's like a tiny spark on the tongue. Delish. And a soft, not overly sticky texture, which is a selling point for me. I hate having stuff stuck in my teeth for days.

Fleur De Sel is kind of classic as a flavor choice. I thought it was a good starting off point to dive into the world of tasty, gourmet caramels. The control group for any further flavored caramel experimentation, as it were. However, they also make spiced vanilla caramels, caramels flavored with tea, pecan pie caramels, organic ginger bread caramels (the ones I am currently lusting after the most) and several other intriguing flavors. Plus marshmallows! And this gorgeous, French Hazelnut Nougat made with organic hazelnuts (and do I really care that they are organic? Did I really care about the environmental impact of the wrappers? Maybe not.) Egad! I do believe that Have It Confections may have sprung, fully formed and stocked, from some secret dessert fantasy I was having recently.
I'm telling you all this because it may be that you have some dire caramel emergency on your hands, and this little review will be helpful. Valentines Day is around the corner, people! Sweets for the sweet don't get better than a pound of excellent caramels. They also have a "confection of the month club!!" Just the thought of it makes me overheat with giddy desire!

One caveat: Because of the small batches and hands on quality of the product, it can take up to two weeks to fill your order. Although I will say that they filled my order in about a week, which was lovely because it takes me for ever to make up my mind about a purchase and I was almost too late for Christmas. Sheepish. So get those orders in, all of you who hunger for yumminess!


Lemon Jitters said...

I'm so nervous to order gourmet goodies online! But your post may give me the courage to branch out.

Anonymous said...
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TMCPhoto said...

I'm a toffee, caramel junkyI love the buttery flavours and will happily devour them as fast as I can. Those Fleur de Sel Caramels wouldn't last a day, well maybe if I paced myself...