Friday, March 26, 2010

I got presents and it wasn't even my birthday!

Remember a few weeks (months?) ago, when I said I wanted to trade some art with people? Katie at Lemon Jitters was the only person to take me up on it. In the words of my Sifu - "I don't blame you." I know we all have stuff goin' on. Anyhow. It took us both foreeeeevvvveeerrrr to mail out our respective packages. It was totally worth the wait, however. Let me show you what nifty treasures I received.

First of all, Katie is awesome at sending packages. She had personalized it with some of her babushka gift tags and pretty ribbon and it really amped up the pleasure and excitement of getting something in the mail. What I found inside, however, was a treasure trove. She sent a mini poster that she designed - it reads "Don't listen to your Mom. Scratch your itchies." A sentiment I can get behind, my dears. Here it is tucked inside the little memo board my kung fu students gave me for my birthday last year.

She also sent me some nifty tags she made from an old book. I don't know yet what I'm going to do with them. I thought they would make pretty tags on party favors, if I ever have another party. Which looks doubtful at the moment. Or maybe I'll send them on birthday presents to friends this year. Or maybe I'll save them as props for different photo projects....

Finally, the best part: Katie included a jewel from her shop, Lemon Jitters. It may not be something that I have mentioned before in the blogosphere, but I love jewels. Really. All of the women in my family go a little crazy for pretty, unique, jewelry. My mother swears that it's the secret to a successful marriage, and my step dad knows better than to come home from any over seas location with out a pack full of exotic treasures from afar.

The piece Katie sent is a faceted carnelian briolette on a wire wrapped brass finding and chain. I'm in love. I've barely taken it off. The carnelian is so deeply and richly colored and when the light hits it, the stone seems to glow! Lovely. And she sent it in her typical packaging, with her logo stamped card and a little dandelion puff bag. So cute. It's really made me feel like I need to do better with my own packaging for Bright New Things and Falcon and Finch.

Needless to say, I'm a fan of this girl! Thank you so much for sharing with me Katie! Also, sorry that the photos for this story ain't the best - the light in my kitchen was at it's gross point, but I really wanted to capture everything as I discovered it!


Rue said...

What a nice package! I'm sure the one you sent her was equally lovely. The carnelian is perfect!

Lemon Jitters said...

Aww...what a nice post! I'm so glad you like the necklace. It seemed so 'you' to me but I wasn't sure. Can't wait to do a post about my awesome photos you sent! Thanks, Lynelle!