Monday, March 15, 2010

Pagans of Etsy Team Spring Sale

Pagan Team is having our first Spring Sale! Search etsy for the tag paganspringsale for a plethora of Spring themed items - art, oils, celtic and fae themed stuff, it's a pretty long list. At brightnewthings, I'm offering free shipping on all sale tagged items. I haven't had a chance to do Falconandfinch yet, but there will be discounts on tagged items - check back tomorrow. Some of my favorite things from other people's shops:

This Quartz Crystal Egg, from Rainadelmagick is SOOOOOO nifty. And during the sale, it's got free shipping and a free gift!

The Ivy and Vines DreamCatcher from HowlingCaterpillars is a pretty way to protect your dreams, and is currently 25% off.

And I love the pretty cherry blossom pattern of this Tarot Bag from EarthRitesBags. On sale for 20% off!

I hope you will visit all of these stores and share a little Spring Time with all of us!

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