Sunday, July 25, 2010

Holy cow, that was a break, right? Yeah, I know. I have excuses, I mean, um, reasons, though. Starting at the end of June, through last weekend, I've been up to my eyeballs in life. I mean, it just got all over the place. You know how that is: Kung Fu practice every day, working two jobs, trying to keep Falcon and Finch and Bright New Things going... did I mention Kung Fu every day? Yep. But things are winding down - after IKC next weekend, I'll be back to Kuing Fu only 4 days a week, plus all the other crap.

In other news.... life continues to strike an unexpected balance. My worries and fears still maintain, but sudden happiness has distracted me. I had reached kind of a plateau in the last couple of years with martial arts: I taught more than I could practice, and our advanced practices had fallen by the way side. Kung Fu was becoming more stress than pleasure. My recent training experiences, however, have helped me break through this wall, and that feels AWESOME. I'm learning things again, pushing myself, improving as a fighter and performer. And I've developed some amazing personal friendships through all of this Kung Fu. All of these experiences have reminded me about what I really LIKE about me. I'm not my upside down mortgage or my inability to land a teaching job at a good university. I AM that bright tension between the muscles of my hand and my sword, that moment of connection when I block or strike. And I am full of love and friendship for the people in my life.

I feel like I've got my second wind.


Lemon Jitters said...

I've missed you, Lynelle! I'm glad you're back. And thank you for the poignant reminder that we are who we ARE, not the other things floating about in our lives.

Rue said...

What a great post - especially the last few lines! I'm so glad your Kung Fu is inspiring you!

Mother's Moon's Message said...

sounds like your bread did you a world of good. glad to hear it was so rewarding. It is good to have you back

Shawn Becker said...

I found your blog but really do not know how I did! I saw your name which is my middle name. You do not see Lynelle often My first born daughter is Erin Lynelle and her daughter is Emma Lynelle.