Friday, July 31, 2009

An Underbelly of Nature Moment

Moon snail
Originally uploaded by The-Milkshake
You may not know this about me, but I love the crawly, slimy, weird and wonderful bits of nature, what I like to refer to as the Underbelly. If there is a rock to turn over, I'm there. Got a week dead old possum on your street? I'm there. Poking it. With a stick.

So when I stumbled across The-Milkshake's photograph of a moon snail, I fell in love. She says she's holding it upside down so it doesn't SAG! Gasp! From Wikipedia:

The powerful foot enables this gastropod to plow under the sand in search of other mollusks. Upon finding one, it "drills" a hole into the shell with its radula, releases digestive enzymes, and sucks out the somewhat predigested contents.

Think on that while you eat your lunch!


The Milkshake said...

Great post!

PoleStar Jewelry said...

mmmm escargot on escargot.... I prefer mine with garlic butter then digestive enzymes. :)

jessica, a miniature rhino said...

what the what. never heard of these- and they're awesome. so gross, so good.

Bird_flew said...

so great! though id hate to be the one getting drilled by that thing!

Lynelle's man said...

They should be made into tiny little hats for dogs to wear.

Felt on the Fly said...

"Think on that while you eat your lunch"?!?!?!? I just LOST my lunch!
Ummmm, but seriously, thanks for sharing. I think. Or maybe not. I am fascinated and repelled at the same time! Having an "Ewww!" but "Cool!" moment here.flytalk55

e said...

1) cong-radula-tions, count radula, you just worked your way through my shell to my tasty innards...choke on 'em! choke on 'em!

2) this is how i eat my reese's

3) "She says she's holding it upside down so it doesn't SAG!" Hahahahahah...yeah...that's what she said...ahahahahah...yeah...