Thursday, October 01, 2009

31 days hath October...

I've never been the kind to have a favorite season. In general, I've liked 'em all - Summer for heat, Winter for wet, Spring for green, Fall for... well, it's Southern Cali, so heat then wet. However, it occurred to me this morning, as I pushed the toddler I nanny on a swing (if I am a nanny, does that make them a nanner?) that I really, REALLY, really like Autumn. Like, a lot. I mean, even here in the SFV I felt a change on the wind. And while that change doesn't mean much here (it's California; I can get Avocados in January. Winter doesn't mean as much when you can get Avocados all year round) it still brought a frisson of excitement. Somewhere, somewhere, it seemed to be saying, leaves are falling in gorgeous drifts from the trees. I could almost smell wood smoke and punkin pie (my parents met at a rodeo; yes, we say punkin in my family.) I suddenly started craving chai tea and ginger cookies. Autumn has arrived.

And with it, my very favorite night of the year: Halloween! Oh, the joy! Jack-o-lanterns and black cats and a fairy land of costumes. I am like a child just thinking about it! When did my fascination with dress up and costumery begin? Who knows. But I remember my mother making the most fabulous costumes for my brother and I. Pirates, witches, fairies. One year, I was Cleopatra a la Elizabeth Taylor and we died my blond hair black but it came out gray. And costumes go hand in hand with folklore and fairy tales and stories told around a candle and I tell you, I just can't wait!

My excitement at the merest thought of Halloween is, apparently, echoed by the AH-mazing Mrs. B. Her blog, Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom will be featuring give aways (one by yours truly, in fact,) recipes, crafts and guest bloggers EVERY SINGLE DAY of October. Every day! I kid you not. This has inspired me to try to do something similar. Of course, we all know I lack momentum in the blog writing dept. I'm really more of a once a week kind of girl. And I certainly don't have her resources (she is a giant in the Pagan blog community,) but I'm going to do the very best I can to force my love of Halloween down your throats every possible moment!! Aren't you excited??? (My minions will tell you that now is a good time to say yes.)

So, hold on to your pointy hats, people, it's going to be a bumpy ride!

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Allan said...

Can we have punkin pie soon? Like really soon? You got me in the mood.