Friday, October 02, 2009

Witches Brew

When the weather cools and they bring out the pumpkin pie scented candles at Target, I get cravings for things like spiced cider, spiced rum, and this spiced black tea. This is an easy recipe that a friend makes, and I love, so I stoled it!

Brew up a big pot of black tea. While it's steeping, add: a few crushed cinnamon sticks. Allspice - 6 or 8 berries. Whole cloves - 6 or 8. Ginger root - I add 2 slices. 2 whole star anise. 1/4 tsp nutmeg. 4 or 5 whole peppercorns. A bit of yerba buena. A squeeze of fresh lemon. This is all to taste, by the way. Nothing is written in stone. Like how witches do. Let is steep, sweeten with honey, and enjoy. This is my go to for when people are sick. It's full of natural curatives like mint, cinnamon, honey, as well as antioxidants and spicy feel goodness.

Now listen, this tea is for all ages, but it's really the base for something I call Witches Brew. This is the good stuff, my friends, and for adults only:

Fill a jar or other lidded, glass container with a good, dark rum. Not a great rum - nothing with delicate flavors that need to be savored. But nothing too cheap either. I like Goslings Black Seal. Add a tbs of the black tea, and all the spices. Mix it up and let it sit for a few days in a cabinet. When it gets to where you want it, add honey and mix well. If you are a wuss, you can drink this with ginger ale or green ginger wine. Otherwise, it's lovely to nip straight on a cold night.

If you see me at pirate faire or ren faire, this is what is in my flask.

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