Monday, October 26, 2009

Welcome Mrs. B's Followers!

Thank you for visiting my blog and etsy store. I'm really excited to be participating in one of Mrs. B's 31 days of Halloween giveaways - Halloween is my very favorite holiday of the year, and being a part of the 'Mrs. B' community has been so much fun.

The speed dating version of my bio: I have an MFA in photography and a Master's belt in Vietnamese Kung Fu. I live in LA and have traveled to some very interesting places, but my heart belongs to Scotland. And I'm a slave to my cats.

About my art: Like most artists, I can talk for hours about my art! Mostly I'm a photographer, and I also dabble a little in digital based photo illustrations.

The thesis for my MFA was a series of hand made, one of a kind books, based on traditional fairy tales and recontextualized to address the contemporary concerns of women. You will find a few of those in my shop under Grimmer Illustrations.

As for my photography... that's a little harder to define. I'm interested in the moment as we experience it. Making a photograph is a way for me to make something elusive - emotional or simply visual - concrete and permanent. There is a language, a kind of emotive code, at the root of the images I make, and I hope it speaks to the viewer. I'm very interested in folklore, fairy tale, and the still life paintings of the great European masters.

I have also recently opened a second shop, an outlet for my passionate love of all things old and dusty: Falcon and Finch. If you've managed to read through all of my nattering, then let me pass on a prize to you. Anyone purchasing something from either of my shops on Oct. 27 will receive %15 off (as a paypal refund, post purchase) if you enter "Mrs. B sent me" in the message to seller at checkout!

Thanks for visiting, and enjoy!

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Allan said...

Your photography is amazing!